Objects of Kiwanis

The six per­ma­nent Objects of Kiwa­nis Inter­na­tion­al were approved by Kiwa­nis club del­e­gates at the 1924 Con­ven­tion in Den­ver, Col­orado. Through the suc­ceed­ing decades, they have remained unchanged.

  • To give pri­ma­cy to the human and spir­i­tu­al rather than to the mate­r­i­al val­ues of life.

  • To encour­age the dai­ly liv­ing of the Gold­en Rule in all human relationships.

  • To pro­mote the adop­tion and the appli­ca­tion of high­er social, busi­ness, and pro­fes­sion­al standards.

  • To devel­op, by pre­cept and exam­ple, a more intel­li­gent, aggres­sive, and ser­vice­able citizenship.

  • To pro­vide, through Kiwa­nis clubs, a prac­ti­cal means to form endur­ing friend­ships, to ren­der altru­is­tic ser­vice, and to build bet­ter communities.

  • To coop­er­ate in cre­at­ing and main­tain­ing that sound pub­lic opin­ion and high ide­al­ism which make pos­si­ble the increase of right­eous­ness, jus­tice, patri­o­tism, and goodwill.

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