Distinguished Club Criteria 2020/ 2021

The fol­low­ing actions / activ­i­ties need to be meet by any club that wish­es to seek this award by the District.

Clubs must score a min­i­mum of 25 points in each cat­e­go­ry or a total of 175 points or more to achieve Dis­tin­guished status.

 Membership and Engagement

  • Fin­ish the 2020 — 2021 year with a net growth of 2 or more mem­bers as record­ed by Kiwa­nis International
25 points
  • Spon­sor a new Adult club in 2020 — 2021
25 points
  • Inter­clubs  — clubs must under­take a min­i­mum of 2 ( can be vir­tu­al) and record­ed in your Sec­re­tary’s Dashboard
20 points

Community Impact

  • Spon­sor a New Ser­vice Lead­er­ship Club 
    • If a new club is spon­sored by more that one club points will be divid­ed by num­ber of sponsors.
25 points
  • Imple­ment a new Sig­na­ture Project or con­tin­ue an exist­ing Sig­na­ture Project AND reg­is­ter it on your Sec­re­tary Dashboard.
25 points
Club Ser­vice Hours as record­ed in Club Sec­re­tary’s Dash­board ( Min­i­mum of 30 hours per mem­ber based on club membership #) 20 points

Kiwanis Image 

  • Clubs must enter their Sig­na­ture Project in the Dis­trict Sig­na­ture Project contest
15 points
  • Pro­mote or host a Kiwa­nis event in your clubs com­mu­ni­ty to raise Kiwa­nis aware­ness.  (To be sup­port­ed by pro­mo­tion flyer/ article)
15 points

Financial Viability

  • All Clubs Dues are to be received by Kiwa­nis Inter­na­tion­al by Dec 31 , 2020
25 points
  • Clubs make min­i­mum of $10.00 per mem­ber dona­tion to either Kiwa­nis Chil­dren’s Fund or Kiwa­nis Foun­da­tion of Canada
20 points

Club Succession

  • 2021–2022 Club Offi­cer posi­tions are iden­ti­fied on the Sec­re­tary Dash­board by June 30, 2021
20 points
  • 2021–2022 Club offices com­plet­ed online or In per­son Edu­ca­tion by Sept 30, 2021
20  points

Monthly Club Reporting 

  • Club report­ing on month­ly basis with min­i­mum of 75 % of months submitted.
25 points

 Club Offi­cers are Pres­i­dent, Pres­i­dent Elect, Trea­sur­er, Sec­re­tary, Mem­ber­ship Chair.

**  SLP clubs are Key Club, Cir­cle K, Builders Club, K‑Kids, or Aktion Clubs.



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